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Cross-border litigation: NCC v the Brexit Monster

Cross-border litigation: NCC v the Brexit Monster

In this new edition of our Seminar Series, litigation partners Arnold Croiset van Uchelen and Richard de Haan will address two important developments in international commercial litigation for Dutch clients.

First, the Netherlands Commercial Court (NCC) was launched in January 2019. The NCC’s objective is to swiftly and effectively adjudicate international commercial disputes in proceedings in the English language. We will address key features of the NCC, how the NCC compares to “regular” Dutch court litigation and other international commercial courts and whether NCC proceedings are a good alternative for international arbitration, and how the NCC has been received to date.

Second, we will consider some of the potential consequences of Brexit for cross-border litigation, including how Brexit may reduce the appeal of London as a centre for international litigation.

The seminar should assist you in choosing the best dispute resolution mechanism for your transactions. This choice often is not a key consideration in commercial negotiations, but an ill-advised decision may significantly impact the winning chances, time and costs of your disputes.

Feel free to share this invitation with your colleagues. They can use the same registration link. Please note that your personal details (name, email, company, job title) will be visible to them when you do so. We look forward to seeing you and/or your colleagues on 14 May at the seminar at our office or online during the webinar.

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