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'So we have a GDPR, now what?'

'So we have a GDPR, now what?'

You have successfully made the long sprint towards the 25 May finish line. Your GDPR compliance dashboard shows shining green lights all over. You have notified a few more data breaches (and not heard back from the data protection authority). Now what…

In this seminar/webinar we will talk about what it will take to remain compliant with the GDPR in a time of rapid change. How do GDPR controls really look like in the world’s most data heavy organisations and what did data slim B2B’s do? What will the data protection authorities expect when they perform an audit? And most importantly, how do we deal with data driven innovations in view of the GDPR?

Speakers: Wanne Pemmelaar and Madeleine Vos



oktober 2018

Dit webinar heeft al plaatsgevonden en is niet meer beschikbaar.