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Climate litigation: the heat is on!

Climate litigation: the heat is on!

While climate change policy has top political priority, courts seem a new front line of climate action. Through lawsuits, NGO’s and citizens aim to force stronger government action to cut carbon emissions, and companies to take responsibility for their impact onto global warming. While victories have been rare so far, against the backdrop of the Paris Agreement and the upcoming Dutch Climate Agreement, and with the outcome of the Urgenda judgement (now under appeal), claimants feel emboldened to address the polluting activities of large industrials.

During our seminar on 3 July, our Climate Change Team will discuss whether a rise in temperature, leads to an increase in risks and liabilities for large industrials and other companies. Are we truly heading towards a climate for claims?

Topics discussed include:

- Is climate action a legal or rather a political issue?
- What is the meaning of the regulatory scheme (EU ETS) in place?
- What could companies be doing now to prepare for climate (class-)action litigation?

We look forward to seeing you and/or your colleagues on the 3rd of July at the seminar at our offices or online during the webinar.



juli 2018

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