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Customer Centricity - Dr.Ed Peelen

Customer Centricity - Dr.Ed Peelen

This online seminar from Rotterdam School of Management / Erasmus University will defintely enrich your vision on Customer Centricity!

If you are interested in broadening your knowledge in the field of sales and marketing, please feel free to sign up for our online seminar on March 5th. 

Ed Peelen, one of the teachers in RSM's Sales Leadership Diploma Programme will present his research on Customer Centricity based on interviews in several Dutch boardrooms. By showing a variety of images, Ed would like to start interacting with you on the different ways you can approach your customers This seminar will definitely enrich your view on client relationships!  

This is the first time RSM organizes knowledge sharing & shaping via live and online seminars; We are very keen to hear your feedback on the experience!

Click here for further information on RSM's Executive Education in general and its Sales Leadership Diploma Programme.

The seminar begins on 5th March at 20:00 and will last approximately 90 minutes. 

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March 2012

This webinar has already occurred and is no longer available.