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'What happens in China (doesn’t) stay(s) in China'

'What happens in China (doesn’t) stay(s) in China'

Disrupt or be disrupted. Silicon Valley was just an appetizer for what China will be serving us. For ages, China was the number one economy in the world. It was the absolute leader in medicine, math and transportation. Somehow, they lost their magic in the beginning of the century, but now the giant red dragon is back and ready to recapture the title of the world’s most innovative and best performing economy! 

nexxworks recently went on a mind-blowing visit to china with a group of customers and we want to share the learnings from our visit to the silicon dragon with you. Watch the full program here. In this webinar, China expert Pascal Coppens and nexxworks’ COO and thought leader Annick Vandezande discuss the recent evolution in technology and business they witnessed in China and submerse you in a world where cash is for tourists and personal computers are considered technology from the middle ages.

Pascal Coppens is a die-hard China entrepreneur. For more than 20 years he lived in China, dealing daily with Chinese consumers, companies, staff, investors and the government. With a deep understanding of the Chinese business culture, he knows how to win in China as an entrepreneur.

Annick Vandezande has energized many workshops, roundtables and boardroom sessions with eye-opening presentations and workshops about Customer Centricity, Customer Engagement, Customer Service and other technology-related business. She recently accompanied our customers on an inspiring trip through China and she’s ready to share her experiences with you.

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juni 2017

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