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Blockchain: demystifying the buzzword

Business Insights with Tine Holvoet
Blockchain: demystifying the buzzword

Blockchain is revolutionizing how we process transactions and following to that has gained its popularity. But do you understand the technique behind the buzzword? Do you know what more you can do with it than to keep an eye on your crypto wallet? In this webinar we'll demystify the buzzwords and get to grips with the subject. 

Tine Holvoet
, senior researcher at Vlerick Business School, will help you gain understanding about the essence of blockchain and to see the opportunities for integrating blockchain into your organization. Her advice to get started: 

[1] Understand some basics, such as the meaning of a distributed ledger.
[2] Don’t confuse blockchain technology and its popstar Bitcoin.
[3] Try to pinpoint exact opportunities and limitations.

Following, in this webinar, we will first guide you to understand some basics of blockchain, such as the meaning of a distributed – or more nicely expressed ‘shared’ – computerized ledger. We'll interact about the possibilities reaching beyond the cryptocurrencies. We'll guide you into thinking about how it could - or maybe should - be incorporated as a future service in your field of work. And going beyond the technique, we'll also talk about some of the ethical matters when it comes to the world(s) in which blockchain can excel.  

Tine Holvoet
is a senior researcher at Vlerick Business School. She focuses on entrepreneurship and disruption in the financial sector. Critical in understanding her anticipation of financial technology, is the fact that finance involves us all. Holding a Master degree in Sociology, her drive to study this topic is societal. Her research, teaching and advisory activities particularly focus on financial inclusion, entrepreneurial self-esteem, user experience and the emerging ecosystem of collaborative competitors. Further, Tine is involved as a guest lecturer at Design Academy Eindhoven and School for Audiovisual Engineering, she is panelist for Stanford’s Ignite program and board member of Fintech Belgium. Together with artist Pieterjan Ginckels, she founded TeamTank, a Brussels based think tank.


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