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New Edition 7.0 of IEC 60079-0, learn how it impacts you
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New Edition 7.0 of IEC 60079-0, learn how it impacts you

New Edition 7.0 of IEC 60079-0, learn how it impacts you

As a manufacturer of electrical equipment suitable for use in explosive and hazardous areas you must design your products to comply with certain standards. For this use IEC 60079-0 or its national derivatives have become by far the most applied standard in all major industrial countries. IEC 60079-0 contains the basic requirements for all electrical products that need to be certified for use in zone classified areas and is therefore mandatory.

If you are responsible for or involved in market access, development and the approval process of these electrical products, the update of this standard is of major importance to you. DEKRA is actively involved in the update of this standard by our participation in the standard committees and is up to date on the most current developments.

As one of the first certification bodies we offer a preview into the applied changes by hosting an IEC 60079-0 webinar. This webinar gives you the first insights into the soon to be released new edition of IEC 60079-0 and will allow you to start preparing for the impact these changes will have on your business. 

About the speaker
Rudolf Pommé has ten years of experience in product development, production, application engineering and field commissioning of equipment for use in explosive atmospheres and twelve years of experience, assessment, testing and certification of equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in the petrochemical industry. He is a member of the Dutch National Committee NEC31 and international standard committees IEC WG 62086, IEC MT 60079-30, IEC MT 62395, IEEE WG 844 / CSA WG 293 and secretary of IEEE WG 515



November 2017

This webinar has already occurred.