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Cultural differences in the workplace

Nannette Ripmeester
Cultural differences in the workplace

The job market as we know it is changing. We outsource projects to India, we hire staff from Poland and we discuss our ideas with colleagues in the United States. This increasing globalisation makes business not only cross borders, but also cross cultures.

When doing business, it becomes very quickly evident that culture profoundly influences how people think, communicate, and behave. But how can you use these differences in your advantage, instead of seeing them as obstacles?  

This webinar will provide you with cultural awareness and understanding of the impact of cultural differences. It will give insights in how to deal effectively with cultural differences in a business environment and how to kick start a multinational team!  

Nannette is an expert in the field of the international labour market and founder of Expertise in Labour Mobility (ELM). ELM gives advice to companies regarding the communication with their expat population, provides training to prepare working overseas and publishes guides about looking for work abroad and the cultural differences you encounter while working and living abroad.

Deze Freelunch wordt gegeven in het Engels / This Freelunch is given in English



mei 2016

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