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Psoriasis Highlights of 2018

Learning objectives:

After participating in this live webcast, attendees should be able to:

- Discuss new psoriasis data published or presented in this year’s key dermatology congresses and publications
- Analyse the safety and efficacy clinical data, in addition to real-world data from registries and other sources
- Identify special populations of patients including those with complex diseases or comorbidities, and the optimal approach to the management of these patients
- Explain how and when to initiate treatment and the optimal sequence of available therapies


Scientific Committee:

Brian Kirby (Ireland)
Richard Warren (UK)



17:30–17:35: Welcome and introduction
17:35–17:40: Getting to know the audience
17:40–17:50: Your experience of 2018 in psoriasis
17:50–18:10: Most interesting safety and efficacy data of biologics from RCT and RW
18:10–18:20: Treatment algorithms
18:20–18:35: Patients with complex diseases
18:35–18:40: Hopes and plans for 2019
18:40–18:45: Final words and summary
18:45–19:00: Additional Q&A from the audience submitted questions



December 2018

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