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CSRD webcast

The non-financial reporting landscape is changing rapidly. The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) brings substantial reporting requirements that will be both challenging for your business, as well as provide opportunities. 

The final first set of standards bring more insight into what companies need to report on and in what format. While the release of these standards – published on 22 November - brings much needed clarity, it also means the real work towards CSRD reporting is about to start. This puts forward ample challenges in the fields of governance, data (availability), processes, communications and (corporate) sustainability strategy.    

During this webcast we will discuss what the final standards look like, what they will mean for you, and how to best prepare. 

We will cover:
•    What are the key requirements from the final standards (ESRS)? 
•    What is the impact on your business?
•    How to get started and prepare for CSRD aligned reporting?
•    How to leverage on the CSRD as a tool for value creation? 



January 2023

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