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Webinar: Milking cows in a healthy and sustainable way

Webinar: Milking cows in a healthy and sustainable way

Getting cows off to a good start is pivotal to ensure optimal lactation periods of the animal. The focus on calf nutrition programmes is key in achieving this goal. But also mastitis control, tailor made diets, feed additives, good cow comfort and extra focus during the dry period can help in getting more milk out of the cow in a healthy and sustainable way. In this webinar, we take a closer look at some of these aspects as experts share their latest research findings and experiences from the field.

Moderator: Emmy Koeleman, editor All About Feed and Dairy Global


Ruminant nutrition to support a sustainable dairy production
Speaker: Wilfried van Straalen, Schothorst Wilfried M. van Straalen, PhD graduated from Wageningen University in The Netherlands and did his PhD on Modelling of Nitrogen flow and excretion in dairy cows, which was the basis of the new protein evaluation system in The Netherlands that was introduced in 1992. In 1993 he took a position as Ruminant Nutritionist at Schothorst Feed Research in Lelystad and was responsible for the ruminant research and contact with the clients, focussing mainly on the development of feed evaluation for ruminants. Currently, he is manager of the Ruminant Cluster at Schothorst Feed Research. 

Rumen microbiota balance is the key to optimal performance and health
Speaker: Valentin Nenov DVM, MBA, Global Ruminant Manager Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care

Dr. Valentin Nenov joined Phileo as global technical manager ruminants in 2014. He is a graduated veterinarian with 5 years of experience as practitioner and 10 years as ruminant technical manager in international pharmaceutical companies.  

Improving early growth in dairy calves: feed technologies to increase population homogeneity
Speaker: Fernando Bargo, Innovation Deployment Manager Lucta SA & Lucta Américas (USA, México, Colombia, Brazil)

Dr Bargo received is PhD in Animal Science from The Pennsylvania State University in the US (2002). Since then, Mr Bargo worked for a variety of companies in the agriculture industry. In January 2014, he joined Lucta as innovation Deployment Manager at Lucta S.A. Feed Additives Division. In this role, he provides technical support for Lucta swine and ruminant products throughout the Americas with special emphasis in the United States, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil. In addition, he is responsible for designing and conducting research studies for key customers. 

Animal welfare and high performance – does that really fit together?
Speaker: Dr. Birgit Beyer, Product Manager Ruminants, Phytobiotics

Dr. Birgit Beyer joined Phytobiotics in 2015 as product manager ruminants. After an apprenticeship as a farmer, Dr. Beyer studied agricultural studies at the “Hochschule Anhalt”. After this, she completed a master’s degree in agricultural studies at the “Christian-Albrechts-Universität” in Kiel, where she also wrote her doctoral thesis concerning the topic “Bioavailability of flavonoids in ruminants”.

The webinar will last one and a half hour and will start on November 17, at 10 am Central European Time. This corresponds to e.g. 4 am Atlanta, Georgia, 7 am São Paulo, Brazil, 12 am in Moscow, Russia, 4 pm in Bangkok, Thailand and 5 pm in Beijing, China. For anyone who is unable to follow the webinar, it will be available for streaming at any other date at a later moment. Join our experts, attendance is free.



November 2016

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