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Maintaining gut health in poultry

Maintaining gut health in poultry

A healthy gut means that the animal can process the diet more efficiently, has a better immune system and is less susceptible to pathogenic bacteria and viruses. However, there is a fine balance in feeding for optimal performance and overfeeding, hence disrupting the balance. Certain feed components and feed additives can positively influence the microflora in the gut and in turn boost intestinal health.

Moderator: Fabian Brockotter, editor World Poultry


Intestinal health: Get it right
Speaker: Ellen van Eerden, Senior researcher, Schothorst Feed Research

This topic presents in a nutshell some of the most important factors that are associated with intestinal health. The impact of early development of the bird right before and after hatch, the role of the microbiota, and the immune system will be briefly discussed, but the emphasis will be on feed and nutrients. More insight in the interrelationships between all these factors may help in understanding how to get intestinal health right.

Reducing the risk of stress, boring is best!
Speaker: John Cooper, Poultry technical manager, Alltech

 John Cooper has spent the past 21 years working within the poultry sector in the UK, ranging from broiler breeders, broiler growers and hatcheries.  John joined Alltech UK Ltd in 2013 as the Poultry Technical Manager, offering technical advice across the range of poultry businesses in the UK. His presentation will focus on creating the ideal circumstances in the poultry house for an optimal start of young broilers.

Strengthening the viability of the young broiler with a specific sporulated probiotic 
Speaker: Mickael Rouault, Global senior product manager, Chr Hansen

During the crucial first week of life, young broilers with a more diverse microbiota will be more robust and less vulnerable towards gut-related infections as compared to chicks with a poorer microbiota. The addition of GalliPro® (B. subtilis DSM17299) in the diet increases microbial diversity in ileum of chickens by close to 2,0 fold as compared to birds without probiotic in their diet.

Mostly harmless, moving the intestinal microbiome towards performance and stability
Speaker: Susanne Kirwan, Product manager, Kemin

 The intestinal microbiome is often perceived as the source of problems in broilers; understandably as most therapeutic antibiotic use is for intestinal disorders caused by various microorganisms.
This presentation highlights the options to move the odds towards beneficial microorganisms.  By introducing a single strain of Bacillus Subtilis PB6 significant effects can be observed across a wide range of unrelated, beneficial microorganisms. Which does not only confer better health and welfare but also significantly improves performance.

The webinar will last one and a half hour and will start on November 17, at 12.45 am Central European Time. This corresponds to e.g. 6.45 am Atlanta, Georgia, 9.45 am São Paulo, Brazil, 2.45 pm in Moscow, Russia, 6.45 pm in Bangkok, Thailand and 7.45 pm in Beijing, China. For anyone who is unable to follow the webinar, it will be available for streaming at any other date at a later moment. Join our experts, attendance is free.



November 2016

This webinar has already occurred and is no longer available.