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Phileo webinar: Antibiotic reduction in swine in Europe: Challenges and opportunities

Phileo webinar: Antibiotic reduction in swine in Europe: Challenges and opportunities

The European pig sector has done a great effort to limit the use of antibiotics, however which nutritional strategies are available to enhance pig health even further? In this webinar from Phileo, we take a closer look at some of these aspects as experts share their latest research findings in antibiotic reduction strategies. 
Find out more on November 17. Attendance is free.

The interest of using probiotics to reduce the use of antibiotics in pigs
Dr. Paolo Trevisi, Associate Professor – Animal husbandry at Department of Agricultural and Food Science (DISTAL) ‐ University of Bologna (Italy). He has a Post-Doctorate in Animal Nutrition. Its study: feeding and management strategies to increase the natural resistance of pigs to the pathogen infection, with attention on the gastro‐intestinal disorders in piglets around weaning.
Impact of antibiotic reduction strategies in swine health management (including field experience)
Dr. Dominique Marchand, graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicines (Nantes, France), is veterinarian at EPIDALIS. He has wide experience in pig production in Europe.

The webinar will last one and a half hour and will start on November 17, at 15.30 pm Central European Time. This corresponds to e.g. 9.30 am Atlanta, Georgia, 12.30 pm São Paulo, Brazil, 5.30 pm in Moscow, Russia, 9.30 pm in Bangkok, Thailand and 10.30 pm in Beijing, China. For anyone who is unable to follow the webinar, it will be available for streaming at any other date at a later moment. Join our experts, attendance is free.



November 2016

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