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Healthy Guts, Healthy Piglets

Healthy Guts, Healthy Piglets

Once more, Pig Progress can add another webinar to its schedule: on November 16, 2016, a range of expert speakers will dive deeper into the theme of ‘Healthy guts, healthy piglets’.   The webinar will be recorded live from the animal husbandry show EuroTier 2016, in Hanover, Germany. That is going to be the place where the webinar will be recorded – and audience is welcome!   The webinar, the second in a series, starts at 12.45 am and will last to 14.15 am, will feature 4 knowledgeable speakers.

Moderator: Vincent ter Beek, editor Pig Progress


Speaker: Charlotte Lauridsen, University of Aarhus

Protein concentrate for piglets dietsSpeaker: Aloys Laue, Technical sales manager Agro Korn, nutritionist
Vigorous piglets with AlphaSoy. Agro Korn has developed a feed concept, where the protein concentrate AlphaSoy is the bearing element. In a large scale trial with 3,600 piglets the protein concentrate was tested with good results. Results showed that the feed containing the protein concentrate containing gives healthy piglets, higher weaning weight and a financial return to pig producers. During the trial there were no signs of diarrhoea and mortality was very low. The trial confirms in all aspects that this protein concentrate is a great protein source for piglets.


Replacement of acid components in pig dietsSpeaker: Attila Kovacs, Biomin , Global product line manager - Acidifiers
Organic acid use in piglet diets can be considered routine nowadays. Yet, high levels of organic acids in feed formulation take up a lot of otherwise useful space in the feed. Replacing a portion of organic acids with a more powerful additive can create room to further enhance feed formulation or add more economical raw materials at no additional cost.

Chelated Copper with phytaseSpeaker: Clare Gaukroger, Novus, PhD Researcher at Newcastle UniversityTitle to be confirmed

The webinar will last one and a half hour and will start on November 16, at 12.45 am Central European Summer Time. This corresponds to e.g. 6.45 am Atlanta, Georgia, 9.45 am São Paulo, Brazil, 2.45 pm in Moscow, Russia, 6.45 pm in Bangkok, Thailand and 7.45 pm in Beijing, China. For anyone who is unable to follow the webinar, it will be available for streaming at any other date at a later moment. Join our experts, attendance is free.



November 2016

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