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Reducing antibiotics in animal diets

Reducing antibiotics in animal diets

Webinar: Reducing antibiotics in animal diets

Producing healthy and safe animal products is key for a successful business. Reducing antibiotics is one of the key elements in this. In a new webinar, organised by All About Feed on October 12, we take a look on how to reduce antibiotics via smart animal nutrition.

With the increased level of resistant bacteria, the global livestock industry is therefore moving away from preventive use of antibiotics. This world-wide movement started in Europe, but soon spread into other continents as well. In this live, interactive webinar, three speakers explain which alternatives to antibiotics are on the markets an how this should be applied in practice.

Global antibiotic use and reduction: A veterinarians perspective
All around the world, farmers and veterinarians are aware of the fact that antibiotics (both preventive in some parts of the world, or curative by veterinarians) should be used with care. The European Union has been monitoring the use of antibiotic and the resistance levels already for many years. But also registration programmes are in place in other parts of the world. In this presentation we give an overview the current situation of antibiotics ise in farm animals and the associated risks to increases resistance levels. Speaker: Luís Pedro Garmo 

Antibiotic reduction: the animal point of view
In this presentation Susanne Kirwan explains the benefits for the animals when less antibiotics are used. She will delve into the concept of creating a healthy, balanced, gut microflora in poultry, as this offers protection from pathogens such as for example Clostridia. Additionally, it can make production more efficient by improving feed conversion. But which feed ingredients / additives can help in achieving a healthy gut? Susanne will delve into a few one and how these can help in reducing antibiotics. Speaker: Susanne Kirwan PhD, Product Manager Health at Kemin Europe

Eubiotic nutrition to reduce antibiotics
The use of vegetable proteins and the ban on antibiotic growth promoters (AGP’s), make it a real challenge for nutritionists to formulate high quality diets for high performing production animals, like broilers. In this webinar, nutritionist André Meeusen (invited by FRAmelco) explains the ‘Eubiotic Nutrition’ concept with focus on non-antibiotic feed additives based on alpha monoglycerides. Andre will share his knowledge on alpha-monoglycerides from short chain and medium chain fatty acids, which are active in the entire gastro-intestinal tract of the animal. Their strong antimicrobial effect stimulates animal health in general, and gut health in particular. Speaker: André Meeusen, independent consultant in animal nutrition and feed additives


Andre Meeuwse =
Luis Gomes=
André Meeusen
Independent Consultant
Luís Pedro Garmo
Research Assistant
Veterinary Public Health Institute, University of Bern
Susanne Kirwan
Product Manager Health 

The webinar will be hosted by Emmy Koeleman, editor in chief, All About Feed.

The webinar Antibiotic Reduction will last an hour and will start at 4 pm Central European Summer Time on October 12. This corresponds to e.g. 10 am Atlanta, Georgia, 11 am São Paulo, Brazil, 5 pm in Moscow, Russia, 9 pm in Bangkok, Thailand and 10 pm in Beijing, China.
For anyone who is unable to follow the webinar, it will be available for streaming at any other date at a later moment. 
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October 2017

This webinar has already occurred and is no longer available.