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Antibiotic Reduction in Poultry

Antibiotic Reduction in Poultry

Webinar: Antibiotic Reduction in Poultry

Poultry World is proud to announce that it will host a webinar on antibiotic reduction in Poultry, together with experts from Schothorst Feed Research, Noba BV and Nutriad on the 6th of December 2017. Antimicrobial resistance and how to reduce antibiotic usage have definitely become global themes, in recent years. For a decade or longer, mostly experts in the European Union were convinced that usage of antibiotics contributed to the creation of antimicrobial resistance, while in large parts of the world, the ideas often failed to break through – and if they did, they were often strongly challenged and criticized. However, more and more regions see the need for a lower use of antibiotics in animal livestock production.

In this webinar we will focus on how to implement antibiotic free concepts in feed formulation. With the restricted use or complete ban on certain antibiotic growth promoters as feed additives, new strategies for improving and protecting the health of farm animals must be explored. Intestinal integrity serves as an important interface between expensive feed raw materials and growth promotion in broilers.
During the Poultry World webinar a line-up of 3 renowned speakers will share their expertise on the subject. (see links for presentations). Under the supervision of Poultry World editor Fabian Brockötter, Walter van Hofstraeten, senior consultant poultry nutrition at Schothorst Feed Research will explain what the consequences for feed formulation are, when moving away from in-feed antimicrobial additives. Catharina Nieuwenhuizen, Nutritional & Technical Support Manager at Noba B.V. will focus on the antibacterial effect of MCFAs, the effect on Lactobacillus and Daniël Fernando Ramirez From Nutriad will delve into Responsible use of antibiotics and the role of functional feed additives after AGPs ban.


Waltevanhofstraeten =
Walter van Hofstraeten
Senior Consultant Poultry Nutrition
Schothorst Feed Research
Catharina Nieuwenhuizen
Nutritional & Technical Support Manager
Noba B.V.
Daniel Ramirez
Business Development Manager

The webinar will be hosted by Fabian Brockotter, editor in chief, Poultry World.

The webinar Antibiotic Reduction will last an hour and will start at 3 pm Central European Winter Time on December 6.
This corresponds to e.g. 9 am Atlanta, Georgia, 12 am San Paulo, Brazil, 5 pm in Moscow, Russia, 9 pm in Bangkok, Thailand and 10 pm in Beijing
For anyone who is unable to follow the webinar, it will be available for streaming at any other date at a later moment. 
Join our experts, attendance is free.



December 2017

This webinar has already occurred and is no longer available.