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Sustainable Livestock Farming Pigs

Sustainable Livestock Farming Pigs

Webinar Sustainable Pig Farming

Pig Progress webinar zooming in on sustainability 
‘Sustainability’ is a buzzword these days. Thousands of online pages and magazines have been written full of it – but what exactly this can mean for swine production depends on the meaning of each individual writer.  

Bottom line is that we don’t want to use current resources at the expense of future generations, but rather that we take care of planet Earth – and in our case with swine production – in a way that impacts the world as little as possible. How to achieve that is the goal of a dedicated Pig Progress webinar, held on Sept 4.

Nutrient Absorption: The root of sustainable animal production

With rising demand for animal protein production and continuous challenges in availability and composition of feed raw materials, the need for advancements in sustainable animal production rapidly increases.
Nutrient absorption has a direct impact on economic and ecological sustainability. From an ecological point of view, nutrients that are not absorbed by the animal are excreted and thus lose their nutritional value as dietary components. From an economical point of view, nutrients that are not absorbed do not contribute to animal growth and therefore have a direct impact on animal productivity and thus economical performance.

In this webinar, Matias Jansen will discuss the use of lysophospholipid-based absorption enhancers, such as LYSOFORTE® EXTEND, to increase nutrient digestibility and absorption. He will explain why they are important tools for the industry to continue the efforts for improved sustainable animal production. Dr. Jansen will particularly review how improved nutrient absorption throughout the swine production cycle can have an instrumental effect on production efficiency, sustainability and profitability. 

The difference between installing gut health and maintaining a healthy gut

To better understand what gut health really means it is important to have a clear definition. A healthy gut balances three important parts namely gut microbiota, gut morphology and the gut barrier. At birth the gut is sterile, has a limited morphology and a weak gut barrier. Therefor it is of utmost importance that in these early days nutrition focuses on installing a good intestinal health a process called gut maturation. It is proven that installing an optimal gut health in the early days of an animals life is reflected in the performance of the animals throughout the rest of the production cycle. However there are still many threats during the early life of the animals to disrupt the gut health, like disease, stress situations, environmental change or in worst case a combination of the above. During these challenging period it is important that all actions taken are focused on maintaining a good gut health which needs a slightly different approach compared to installing a good intestinal health especially in times where preventive antibiotics are considered unethical.

In this Webinar Kobe Lannoo will explain on the different methods used by Nuscience for Gut Health enhancement. Next to the revolutionary way of installing Gut Health with creep feeds like Babito®, Kobe Lannoo will also go in depth on the mode of action of the Aim For Zero program, to secure a healthy gut around weaning without the use of antibiotics and zincoxide.



Matias Jansen=
Kobe Lannoo=
Angela van der Sanden=
Matias Jansen
Product manager absorption enhanceers and enzymes

Kobe Lannoo
Group product manager


Angela van der Sanden
Project Manager
Connecting Agri and Food 






When, where and how?

The webinar is entirely free – all you need to do is register.

It will be broadcast live from Amsterdam on Tuesday, Sept 4, at 2pm, Central European Time. This is a convenient time for virtually all over the world – it corresponds to: 
- Chicago, IL, United States: 7am
- New York, NY, United States: 8am
- São Paulo, Brazil: 9am
- London, UK: 1pm
- Moscow, Russia: 3pm
- Bangkok, Thailand: 7pm
- Beijing, China: 8pm
- Tokyo, Japan: 9pm  

The webinar will be hosted by Vincent ter Beek, editor Pig Progress.

For anyone who is unable to follow the webinar, it will be available for streaming at any other date at a later moment.

Join our experts, attendance is free! 



September 2018

This webinar has already occurred and is no longer available.