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Where next for formulation? An introduction to iNDIGO

Where next for formulation? An introduction to iNDIGO

Webinar: Where next for formulation? An introduction to iNDIGO

Formulation has a long history of use within the feed manufacturing industry, but it must continue to innovate to be relevant and provide valuable solutions to today’s challenges. With many new developments in trends in software and data analytics, where is formulation heading?

During this webinar, Ian Mealey will look at the new iNDIGO formulation system and the value it can bring to its users. iNDIGO is designed from the ground-up based on customers’ feedback on their experience with current formulation systems and their needs for formulation. Ian will demonstrate how iNDIGO will bring new capabilities for optimization of quality products, resource management, cost efficiency, business and system integration and regulatory compliance.

iNDIGO forms part of Format Solutions’ connected digital solution for optimizing animal nutrition which also features Nutrient management and Operations management software.



Ian Mealey =
Emmy koeleman =
Ian Mealey
Product Line Director - 
Formulation, Format Solutions
Emmy Koeleman
Host webinar -
editor in chief All About Feed






The webinar will be hosted by Emmy Koeleman, editor in chief, All About Feed.

The webinar will last an hour and will start at 4 pm Central European Summer Time on June 7th. This corresponds to e.g.
- 10 am Georgia, Atlanta,
- 11 am Sao Paulo, Brazil,
- 5 pm in Moscow, Russia,
- 9 pm in Bangkok, Thailand
- 10 pm in Beijing, China. 

For anyone who is unable to follow the webinar, it will be available for streaming at any other date at a later moment. 

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June 2018

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