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Webinar Pig Health

Webinar Pig Health

Pig Progress webinar zooming in on health issues  

Antibiotics, gut health, swine fevers and biosecurity – a lot of very timely issues these days have strong links to the theme of ‘pig health’. For Pig Progress this was reason to organise a webinar about this theme on Monday, May 7.  

Exactly how strongly the themes of antibiotic reduction as well as gut health are raising interest around the globe can be seen in the large number of publications and conferences dedicated to this theme. Last year, Proagrica, publisher of Pig Progress published a 100-page thick special filled with the why and how of antibiotics, reduction and what can be done to reduce it.  

'The Dutch model' AM use and AM reduction in pig practice
Featuring in the Pig Health webinar will be Dr Arie van Nes, associate professor at the Department of Farm Animal Health, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. He is specialised in swine herd health and epidemiology.  
In the webinar, Dr Van Nes will be sharing his view on antibiotic reduction by discussing various strategies that farms can follow in order to keep out pathogens.  

Improving liveability
The next speaker is Rafael Durán, regional technical manager at DuPont. He joined the company, then called Finnfeeds, 17 years ago. Mr Durán graduated as a veterinarian specialised in animal production, from University Complutense of Madrid, Spain.  
His presentation will be revolving around ‘Improving liveability’. Optimising dietary protein intake in swine has long been recognised as a challenging balancing act, where failure risks a potential decline in performance, health and behaviour. His presentation will provide insights from a novel scientific approach focused on helping producers make strategic feed decisions to increase liveability rates in grower-finisher pigs while also improving growth rates.  

African Swine Fever - is it coming?
Thirdly, it is time for Western Europe to look east as there is a major health challenge looming: African Swine Fever is still spreading in wild boar populations and has now already affected 7 countries in the European Union alone. 
What does it constitute? How does it spread, is it dangerous for swine producers and what can be done to prepare against it? Dr Willie Loeffen of Wageningen Bioveterinary Research, and one of the leading experts on African Swine Fever in the Netherlands, will share his views.



Arie van Nes =
Rafael Duran=
Rafael Duran=
Dr. Arie van Nes
Associate professor Farm Animal Health, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Rafael Durán
Regional technical manager
Willie Loeffen
Wageningen Bioveterinary Research and expert on African Swine Fever in the Netherlands






 When, where and how?

The webinar is entirely free – all you need to do is register. It will be broadcast live from Amsterdam on Monday, May 7 at 2pm, Central European Time. This is a convenient time for virtually all over the world – it corresponds to:

- Chicago, IL, United States: 7am
- New York, NY, United States: 8am
- São Paulo, Brazil: 9am
- London, UK: 1pm
- Moscow, Russia: 3pm
- Bangkok, Thailand: 7pm
- Beijing, China: 8pm
- Tokyo, Japan: 9pm

The webinar will be hosted by Vincent ter Beek, editor Pig Progress.


For anyone who is unable to follow the webinar, it will be available for streaming at any other date at a later moment. 

Join our experts, attendance is free.



May 2018

This webinar has already occurred and is no longer available.