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Sustainable Livestock Farming Dairy

Sustainable Livestock Farming Dairy

Webinar Sustainable Livestock Farming Dairy

Nutritional tools for a sustainable dairy farm
One of the questions modern dairy farmers face is whether they can farm in an environmentally sustainable, yet profitable, way. And this is a challenge indeed. Today’s producers of milk have to meet growing demands for food, to be internationally competitive and to produce agricultural products of high quality. In addition, it must meet sustainability goals, ranging from reduction of phosphate, methane and preventive antibiotics.  

In this webinar we delve into some of the measures to make a dairy farm more sustainable and yet not loose production and profitability. Measure include adapting the feed ration and use more digestible feed ingredients for example and the use of certain feed supplements that reduce methane output for example. Join our experts live in this dedicated webinar on sustainable dairy farming.


Sustainable dairy farming with cow signals
Dr. Nico Vreeburg DVM, Vetvice Consultancy, Cow Signals Trainer

Sustainable dairy farming thanks to a better metabolizable protein use
Diego Martínez del Olmo, Product Manager Amino Acids at Kemin



Nico Vreeburg= Diego Martínez=

Dr. Nico Vreeburg DVM

 Vetvice Consultancy, Cow Signals Trainer

Diego Martínez del Olmo

 Product Manager Amino Acids Kemin




cow signals





When, where and how?

The webinar is entirely free – all you need to do is register.

It will be broadcast live from Amsterdam on Tuesday, Oct 23, at 2pm, Central European Time. This is a convenient time for virtually all over the world – it corresponds to: 
- Chicago, IL, United States: 7am
- New York, NY, United States: 8am
- São Paulo, Brazil: 9am
- London, UK: 1pm
- Moscow, Russia: 3pm
- Bangkok, Thailand: 5pm
- Beijing, China: 8pm
- Tokyo, Japan: 9pm  

The webinar will be hosted by Emmy Koeleman, editor Dairy Global

For anyone who is unable to follow the webinar, it will be available for streaming at any other date at a later moment.

Join our experts, attendance is free! 



October 2018

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