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Webinar Alltech: Effective mycotoxin analysis

Webinar Alltech: Effective mycotoxin analysis

Webinar: Effective mycotoxin analysis

The weather, such as the drought, experienced across Europe not only impacts crop production but can also provide an environment in which certain moulds may flourish and others be inactive. Accurate monitoring and risk assessment of mycotoxin contamination are vital tools to help minimise the negative impacts on production and product quality.   

In this webinar, we take a look at some of the latest monitoring and analysing methods and how this can help reducing the negative impacts of mycotoxins.  

The webinar is aimed at nutritionists, feed industry representatives, universities and governments from around the world who all look for the latest views and study outcomes on how to best control mycotoxins and hence reduce the effects on farm performance and feed quality.  


Dr. Max Hawkins, Alltech
Mr Hawkins works with the Alltech Mycotoxin Management team, providing risk assessment and technical support at all levels. He brings years of experience, not only in mycotoxin management, but also in livestock production, nutrition, breeding and genetics, covering all livestock species. He has previously worked at the University of Illinois, the University of Tennessee, Morehead State University, California Polytechnic State University, the National Swine Registry, Continental Grain Company, Hubbard Feeds and Micron Bio-Systems. In addition to his duties with Alltech’s Mycotoxin Management team, Hawkins provides support to Alltech’s Feed Division and many Alltech customers. Dr. Hawkins resides in Noblesville, Ind.


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Dr. Max Hawkins
Alltech Mycotoxin Management


What, where, when?

The webinar will be hosted by Emmy Koeleman, editor of All About Feed. Attendance is entirely free

The webinar will start at 2.00pm Central European Time. This corresponds to:   
·         Tokyo, Japan: 10.00pm 
·         Beijing, China: 9.00pm 
·         Bangkok, Thailand: 9.00pm 
·         Moscow, Russia: 4.00pm 
·         Johannesburg, South Africa: 3.00pm 
·         London, UK: 1.00pm 
·         São Paulo, Brazil: 10.00am 
·         New York, NY, USA: 9.00am 
·         Des Moines, IA, USA: 8.00am 
·         Mexico City, Mexico: 7.00am 
·         San Francisco, CA, USA: 6.00am




December 2018

This webinar has already occurred and is no longer available.