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Building competence in strategic workforce planning (1.)

Building competence in strategic workforce planning (1.)


Start thinking about tomorrow’s workforce today and join our webinar on ‘How to build competence in strategic workforce planning.’ For a couple of years the theme of strategic workforce planning is ranked high on the HR director’s priority list. Organisations acknowledge the benefits of reviewing the current workforce in relation to a changing environment, job requirements, technologies and organisational strategy. In this way appropriate actions can be taken to ensure future performance. However getting started with workforce planning can be overwhelming and complex. For instance, workforce data are unavailable, unreliable or hard to disclose. Changes in the environment can be very unpredictable and unclear. It can be challenging to translate developments inside or outside your organisation into predictions about the quality, quantity and optimal composition of your workforce.

In this unique webinar, Susanne van der Bij – senior consultant, and Ineke Neuman – managing partner Vroom Consultancy B.V., will:

·         Give a perspective on what strategic workforce planning is about and what steps to take when getting started.
·         Demonstrate an actual workforce planning case in a medium size Cure industry organisation.
·         Inspire you to go ahead with strategic workforce planning and start building the required capability. Waiting for better data or more certainty about future developments prevents you from building up competence.


Susanne van der Bij is senior consultant workforce planning and analytics at Vroom Consultancy. She has an educational back ground in business administration and a master’s in strategic management from Erasmus University Rotterdam. In previous jobs she gained experience in projects concerning HR transformation, organisational development and workforce management. She worked as an internal and external consultant both in profit and non-profit organisations.

Ineke Neuman is managing partner at Vroom Consultancy. She has more than 15 years of experience with HR/ICT projects such as system selection and implementation, process management, HR transformation and change management. She is co-creator of the Vroom Talent Management maturity model and has been working on a maturity model for workforce management with Susanne van der Bij.



May 2016

This webinar has already occurred and is no longer available.