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What does the EU Taxonomy mean for you?

From being compliant to (re)shaping the strategic agenda
What does the EU Taxonomy mean for you?

A new era of EU financial regulation is coming now that the EU Taxonomy Regulation has been signed into European law. The regulation aims to help channel investment towards sustainable companies and projects.

The EU has set the deadline for the first disclosures on Q1 2022. What does this mean for you, your organization and your compliance obligations?

Find out in the first of a series of KPMG webcasts on new EU sustainable finance regulations. In this webcast we will cover:

What is exactly the EU Taxonomy Regulation? How does it interact with other regulations including
the EU NFRD and EU SFDR.
•  What does it mean for your compliance obligations and what new risks and opportunities does the
regulation bring?
What lies ahead and what is the timeline for implementation?
What should you be doing now to get ready? What are other companies doing to prepare?

Gijs de Graaff, Director Capital Markets Accounting Advisory Services KPMG, Solution Lead EU
Vera Moll, Senior Consultant Sustainability, EU Taxonomy subject matter expert

With contributions from various corporate clients




May 2021

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